Sen. Krueger's 2023 Roundtable for Boomers and Seniors, Session IV: “Is Your Home Age Friendly? How to Assess Your Apartment for Safety”

Senator Krueger’s 2023 five-part Virtual Roundtable for Boomers and Seniors will focus on housing for older people. Access to safe affordable housing is critical to ensure that we are able to age well in the community.

Come take a virtual tour of your apartment and learn what modifications you can make to age safely in your home! Most of us want to age in place but we don’t know what to do to prevent falls and ensure that our home environment is safe. Once you understand the changes to make, learn about your rights to get the modifications you need, and determine if you may be eligible for a grant to pay for them. Hear from leading experts about how to assess your apartment to prevent falls and create a safe environment as you age.


- Rosemary Bakker, Home Therapeutic Modification Coordinator, Health Advocates for Older People (HAFOP)

- Josh Krasner, Home Safety and Fall Prevention Coordinator, HAFOP

- Anna Martinez, Director, Equal Access Project, NYC Commission on Human Rights

- Madhulika Murali, Legal Coordinator, Fair Housing Justice Center

- Craig Waletzko, Community Engagement Coordinator, Fair Housing Justice Center


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