Senator Krueger and Senate Democrats Join Tenants to Beat the Clock: Release New Video Highlighting Dire Need to Extend and Strengthen Rent Regulations Before Time Runs Out

May 03, 2011

For Immediate Release | May 3, 2011

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(Albany, NY) – With rent regulation laws that protect affordable housing for over 2.5 million tenants in New York City and the surrounding counties set to expire in less than two months, Senate Democrats joined with tenants to release a powerful new video highlighting the critical need to extend and strengthen rent regulation laws before time runs out.

Between 1994 and 2010, over 300,000 units of affordable housing were removed from rent regulation. Now over one million units of affordable housing face immediate and irreparable deregulation on June 15th if rent regulations are not extended and expanded. The massive rent hikes that would come from the expiration of rent regulations amount to a “tenant tax” that will force Middle Class families, including thousands of seniors and the disabled, from their homes

Link to YouTube Video “525,600 Minutes”:

In addition to the video release, Senate Democrats launched an online petition drive to encourage all New Yorkers to stop the “tenant tax” and join the fight for their homes:

To protect tenants from losing their homes, Senate Democrats are urging the immediate passage of their omnibus tenant protection bill sponsored by Senator Adriano Espaillat (S.2783-A). The same legislation has been passed by the State Assembly.

Senator Liz Krueger said, “In order to ensure that millions of hardworking low- and middle-income New Yorkers, living in rent regulated units, be able to remain in their homes, we must extend rent regulation laws and close the loopholes that have plagued this system for far too long. If these laws were allowed to expire it would deliver a double blow to our poorest seniors and to the disabled, because in losing rent regulation laws we would also lose the SCRIE and DRIE programs. We cannot allow the final negotiation of rent regulation to come down to the wire. There is simply too much at stake. We must act now."

Senator Adriano Espaillat said, “Over a million families in New York City, including nearly 79,000 in my district, would be devastated if we let the clock run out on regulations," said Senator Adriano Espaillat, the top ranking Democrat on the Senate Housing Committee. "Extending and strengthening rent regulations is the single most important thing our government can do right now to stabilize New York through these tough times and make sure millions of New Yorkers are not squeezed out of their homes.”

Senator Daniel Squadron said, “More than a million New Yorkers depend on rent regulations to keep them in their homes, and New York’s neighborhoods depend on the stability that our affordable housing laws provide. We can’t risk tenant protections by letting them linger until the frenzied end of the legislation session, when they are on the verge of expiration."