Unemployment Benefits Video Guide

A video resource for those applying for New York State Unemployment Insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosted by State Senator Liz Krueger, with a presentation by Diane Wenzler, the Director and Co-Creator of the Benefits Plus Learning Center at the Community Service Society. Information in this video is current as of May 1st, 2020.

Diane has over 20 years of experience advocating for New Yorkers’ rights to benefits. As the Community Service Society, my office, and countless others continue to serve New Yorkers during this crisis, I hope this Unemployment Video Guide is helpful to you.

My staff is doing intake for unemployment matters by having constituents complete the form at this link. The form is for constituents of Senate District 28. If you are having problems with getting a response from unemployment regarding an outstanding claim, or you have additional questions after watching the video, please fill out the form. Visit www.mygovnyc.org to find out if you reside in SD28. You can also submit the form if you've reached out to our office before and your benefits situation remains unresolved. 

View and download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation by clicking here.

The CSS Benefits Plus Learning Center also has webinars on:

1) Expanded Unemployment Benefits under COVID-19,

2) Changes to NYC Housing Programs & Systems under COVID-19

3) Changes to Cash Assistance & SNAP under COVID-19

Recordings of each of these webinars are available on the Benefits Plus Learning Center website at https://bplc.cssny.org/benefit_tools/15.

Please note that the information contained in these webinars ​was current as the day of publication.  Information continues to change.  CSS may offer updates for these webinars in the near future.  


  • 0 - 5:55 min. - A message from Senator Liz Krueger 
  • 5:55 - 13:07 min. - The Basics of Traditional UI Benefits from Diane Wenzler of CSS
  • 13:07 - 30:30 min. - How Unemployment Insurance Benefits Expanded under the CARES Act including Pandemic Unemployment Compensation; Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA); and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
  • 30:30 - 44:20 min. - Filing a claim under the new system
  • 44:20 - 46:45 min. - Check claimant's inbox
  • 46:45 - 49:10 min. - Checking the status of a claim
  • 49:10 - 52:20 min. - Helpful filing tips 
  • 52:20 - 53:43 min. - Receiving benefits 
  • 53:43 - 57:33 min. - Weekly certification 
  • 57:33 - 58:05 min. - Get more help and legal resources
  • 58:20 - 1:16:15 min. - FAQ with Diane Wenzler of CSS and Senator Krueger