Dina Stuck: 2021 Woman of Distinction

August 26, 2021

Dina Stuck of Seneca Falls, New York joined G.W. Lisk in 2015 as Director of Human Resources. She excels as a human resources executive and is a key member of G.W. Lisk’s leadership team. Ms. Stuck is currently the Vice President of Human Resources.

As the world, the country and our community were engulfed by the COVID-19 pandemic, G.W. Lisk’s leadership team faced numerous and unsettling unknowns. From the outset, the business managed day-by-day with a singular focus on maintaining the health and safety of the workforce. Ms. Stuck’s leadership and support during the challenging journey was invaluable. She remained current with rapidly-evolving executive orders and regulations and helped translate these generalities into common sense, specific workplace safety procedures.

Ms. Stuck is a key partner in maintaining “often and open” communication with employees, helping to reassure them during a time of great uncertainty. As a result of these efforts, G.W. Lisk maintains a COVID-19 infection rate substantially lower than the infection rate experienced in New York State. The company, an essential business, stayed safe and fully-operational throughout the pandemic, thanks to Ms. Stuck’s leadership.

In addition, Ms. Stuck is responsible for several other diverse businesses owned by G.W. Lisk, including an ambulance company, a restaurant, flower shop, gift shop, hardware store and machine shop. In 2021, she started a Leadership Development Program at Lisk, teaching the “soft skills” of leadership to 26 future Operations Leads. This endeavor is something she is extremely passionate about. Ms. Stuck also works closely with her Global HR team through Lisk plants in Ireland and China.

As a member of the Clifton Springs Hospital Board of Trustees, Ms. Stuck is active in the oversight of this key community health resource.

Ms. Stuck and her husband of 25 years, Ron, have raised their two children, Taylor and William in Seneca Falls.