Watch: Senator Helming on S.2841A, Visitation Programs in Correctional Facilities

No matter the legislation, I have always been a vocal proponent of giving every impacted person and constituency the opportunity to have their voices heard. Senate bill S.2841A is a good example. I support visitation programs in our local and state correctional facilities and their benefits to inmates and their families. But I could not support Senate bill S.2841A that recently passed the Senate because it is too broad and lacks definition. I am concerned about the risk of contraband entering these facilities and the safety of our Correctional Officers, and of the children who visit their family members in these facilities.

We must protect everyone -- incarcerated individuals, their children and visiting family members, and our Correctional Officers and staff. I have requested that the sponsor work with our Sheriffs and law enforcement -- who have expressed a strong interest in working together on this bill -- to consider amendments that will provide emotional support to inmates and preserve safety in our correctional facilities.