Senator Montgomery joins elected officials, Community Education Council (CEC) District 16, VIDA and community leaders to rally for Education Equity in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Senator Velmanette Montgomery joins Assemblymember Member Tremaine S. Wright, City Council Member Robert Cornegy Jr., former Assemblywoman and current Democratic District Leader Annette Robinson, members of VIDA and community leaders' to call on Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza to address the staggering loss of students in District 16 due to low performing schools, lack of resources based on need and insufficient focus on students success. With a growing number of parents electing to send their children to schools outside of our district — some 7,145 (59%) of students attend schools located outside District 16 — the need for an intervention has never been greater.

Senator Montgomery's statement, read by staff member Shakti Robbins-Cubas, proclaims:


Our children should not have to travel outside their neighborhoods just to receive a quality education. All Schools deserve equal access to the resources they need to help their students thrive regardless of the communities they serve or the composition of the student population. We cannot refuse to provide our youth with the support they need and punish them when they have trouble succeeding. The schools managed to turn themselves around, they should be uplifted, not closed. When programs that serve our most venerable students are successful, they should be supported and replicated not suffocated. From boys and girls high school to the alternative education at Old Boy’s high campus, our children have proven to us time and time again how they can succeed when they are given the resources that they need.”

In District 16, issues of concern include:

  • 59% of children attend schools outside of district due to low performing school.
  • 17% of the current school population is homeless. 41% are chronically absent, 58% of IEPs and only 45% graduate. All of these students require additional supportive services.
  • Lack of after school programming in a district with a high percentage of working families
  • Stop the practice of co-locating children and adult students in the same building and using elementary schools to house pre-school programs.
  • Allocate emergency funding to deal with the crisis of underperforming schools
  • Hold educators accountable for student success. Teachers & Principals who receive consistently poor performance evaluations, must be removed from our district before the 2019 school year begins.


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