Queens, NY – On Wednesday of last week, State Senator Tony Avella met with Whitestone resident and Cadet Sean Monsees during the 64th Annual West Point Day in Albany.

Every year, the New York State Legislature holds a West Point Day where the future military leaders from the United States Military Academy in West Point visit the state Capitol. The annual tradition is meant to honor the service of the graduating Cadets and recognizes their accomplishments. 

Queens, NY   –   Today, State Senator Tony Avella’s bill, S.1766, designating January 13th as Korean-American Day moved out of the Senate Finance Committee. The bill will now begin aging on the calendar. After three days, the bill will be eligible to be placed on the active list, subsequently bringing the legislation to the Senate’s floor for a vote.

Queens, NY   –   Today, State Senator Tony Avella praised the Department of Health (DOH) for having Spa Castle revise its safety protocols before allowing it to reopen, but said that Spa Castle should not be trusted to self-police the safety of its own facilities. Avella called for the City to create a task force to assess and monitor the safety of Spa Castle and similar establishments, a suggestion he originally made in 2014 after a separate incident where a Spa Castle patron was found dead in one of their hot tubs.

Queens, NY   –   Today, State Senator Tony Avella blasted a group of real estate agents who organized to highjack last night’s public hearing held by the Department of State (DOS) on the matter of reinstating a cease and desist zone. Although the group denied organizing, chalking up the attendance of real estate agents from varying localities as a remarkable coincidence, most of the agents repeated the same disingenuous talking points and theatrics. Of the 38 testimonies provided at yesterday’s hearing, 11 weren’t made by realtors.

Queens, NY   –   Today, State Senator Tony Avella held a press conference to unveil legislation that would allow homeowners to opt-out of a plan that would have a tree or trees planted on their property as per their city’s tree planting program. When homeowners are forced to have trees planted adjacent to their property, they are also being forced to burden a number of responsibilities.

Queens, NY  -  Today, State Senator Tony Avella announced that the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) has finally acknowledged the need for additional traffic controls at 138thStreet and 31st Road. As a result of an on-site with DOT last year at the request of Senator Avella, DOT will be installing a pedestrian island in the coming weeks. 

Queens, NY  -  Today, State Senator Tony Avella raised concerns about the growing trend of fire hydrants with missing caps and questioned what was preventing the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) from replacing them. Without their protective caps, fire hydrants are at risk of being compromised and could slow down crucial response time in the event of a fire.