Even a couple of foreclosed homes can drag down a neighborhood. That's the lesson Throgs Neck residents learned the hard way by watching two houses in their Bronx neighborhood decay after lenders forced their owners out.

The two foreclosed homes, on Revere and Calhoun avenues, brought their neighbors to despair over mouse infestation, giant stinking piles of trash, graffiti and vandalism.

BRONX/TUCKAHOE-Once again Senator Klein marched along side Italian dignitaries and members of the community in both his native Morris Park, and the Village of Tuckahoe.

BRONX-Carrying on a tradition he's maintained since his days in the Assembly, Senator Jeff Klein awarded Steven Leo with his Explorer of the Month Award at the October meeting of the 49th Precinct Commuity Council. In addition, Senator Klein also presented Alicia Colon with his Cop of the Month Award. Both awards are presented monthly at the 49th and 45th precinct community council meetings.

Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) received the 1st Annual “Person of the Year” award by the Esperia Benevolent Society, in recognition of his “relentless work for the good of (our) community and country.”

A long time friend of the Italian American community, and a life long resident of the heavily Italian Morris Park section of the Bronx, Senator Klein sponsors Italian language classes, supports local Columbus Day Parades offering free cannolis, in addition to funding a number of Italian American community associations.

BRONX-Stopping by the Woodlawn Tax Payer's monthly meeting, Senator Jeff Klein was proud to present a grant for $2,500 to help cover the group's general operating costs. In addition, the Senator spoke to the crowd about his recent work to divest the NewYork State pension fund from companies that conduct business with states that sponsor terrorism.In June, the Senator released a report, compiled with the assistance of Conflict Securities Advisory Group, Inc.

To stay competitive in today's global economy and reap the benefits of China's soaring commercial growth, New York State must do more than just dip its toe in the water, according to Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith.

"It's time to take the plunge," the Queens lawmaker said today as he joined John Wang, President of the Asian-American Business Development Center (AABDC), and elected officials in announcing AABDC's plan to open a New York In China Center for the purpose of promoting New York products. The Center will be based in Beijing.

LOCUST POINT-Senator Klein joined in the fun at the Locust Point Civic Association where he gobbled candy corn with goblins, fell under the spell of wicked witches, andperformed a trick or two for the well costumed community.Klein has been Halloween party hopping all week long toward the big Throggs Neck Halloween Parade on Saturday, which he sponsors with Congressman Crowley, Assemblyman Benedetto, and Councilman Vacca at the Villa Barone.

TUCKAHOE, NY-Standing at the intersection of Fisher and Young streets Senator Klein, Mayor Fitzpatrick, and Deputy Mayor Eckland picked uptheir golden shovels and patted down wet cement as trucks poured new lifeinto Tuckahoe's ailing sidewalks. The Village has long been a quiet respite known for its cozy charm and quaint streets. However, when the Mayor reached out to Senator Kleinto help improve Tuckahoe's sagging sidewalks, he was happy to allocate $25,000 in Capital Improvement funds to keep Tuckahoe in shape.

RIVERDALE-Last night, Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) joined in at the 50th Precinct Community Council meeting where he presented an award in recognition of the recent promotion of its commanding officer, Dermot Shea, to Deputy Inspector. Under Inspector Shea’s tenure there has been an overall reduction in crime and an 83% increase in arrests for Grand Larceny Auto; an issue which particularly plagues the Riverdale community. Senator Klein spoke with reverence about the Shea family with which Klein is intimately familiar.