(Albany, NY) New York State Senator Chris Jacobs (60th SD), issued the following statement after the Democratic majority passed the Green Light Bill which if signed by the Governor will pave the way for illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses in New York State.

Senator Chris Jacobs:

“The passage of so-called ‘Greenlight’ legislation giving illegal immigrants the right to obtain a New York State driver’s license will not make our roads safer, our communities stronger, or provide any benefits to those who choose to follow the law and come to this country legally. This is about much more than driving. It is an immunity license for those living here illegally. If a person living here illegally can get all of the benefits of being a citizen, why follow the law and go through the legal process toward naturalization?


ALBANY, NY—New York State Senator Sue Serino today released the following statement regarding the passage of the Green Light Bill (S. 1747-B):