Say NO to Albany's Gas Stove Ban

SEN. Bill Weber

Earlier this year you may have heard the federal government was considering a ban on gas stoves.

Guess what?

Out-of-touch politicians in Albany are ready to do exactly that – and worse.

They also want to ban gas connections in all new homes and small businesses by 2025, eliminating your ability to cook for your family – even heat your home!

It is not a partisan issue. It’s common sense. With power outages becoming more frequent, middle-class families can’t afford to go without gas.

Reliable, affordable gas is more convenient and plentiful than alternatives. Yet, if left unchecked, Albany would replace current gas-powered stoves with all-electric appliances that are less powerful, less convenient, and ironically use dirtier energy sources.

But we can stop this ill-considered policy before it gets off the ground. We can make our state government act responsibly again.

Add your name to the growing list of concerned New Yorkers telling Albany:  Hands off our gas stoves!

Sign my petition to STOP the gas stove BAN today.

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