Make the MTA Keep its Promise!

SEN. Jack M. Martins

When the MTA launched the Third Track, and the East Side Access projects they promised that the LIRR would be more convenient for commuters.  They also promised that commuter times would be shorter.  Once again, the MTA has overpromised and under-delivered.  The new train schedules have been a disaster for Long Islanders.  Commuters are complaining about over-crowded trains that make too many stops.

The MTA promised riders a better faster experience when service finally went into Grand Central Station.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Service on the Main line and the Port Washington line have changed from off peak to one train per hour.  The Oyster Bay Line requires people to arrive almost an hour earlier to catch a train.  This is not right.  Rising taxes and fares should not be paid by commuters to stand on a train that takes longer to arrive at its destination. 

Sign my petition to demand improved service by the MTA.

By working together we can make the MTA keep its promise of better, faster, more convenient service.  

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