About Elaine Phillips

Republican Republican

Senator Elaine Phillips was elected in 2016 to represent the 7th Senate District in Nassau County, following a long and successful career in finance, and public service as Mayor of the Village of Flower Hill.

In the Senate, Elaine has worked to apply her experience to deliver honest, responsive and effective government, install fiscal responsibility and lower the cost of living and working in New York. She currently serves as Chair of the Senate Banks Committee, as well as the Ethics Committee.

Elaine has championed lower taxes and voted to reject billions of dollars in tax increases. Her insistence on delivering our fair share has resulted in record State aid for Long Island schools, additional funding for highways and local roads, and $10 million in special grants to schools, libraries, fire companies, veterans and nonprofit groups in communities throughout the district.

She has authored seven laws—including historic domestic violence legislation that keeps guns away from known abusers—and helped inspire dozens more, including the landmark law to stop sexual harassment in the workplace, doubled tax credits for families with child care expenses, and protected Nassau County homeowners from hidden property tax hikes.

She has partnered with lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle to protect Long Island’s drinking water supply, improve transparency and accountability and rebuild public trust in government, and has earned a reputation at the Capitol for her hard work and integrity.

Senator Phillips is especially proud of her and her staff’s work assisting more than 3,000 individual constituents navigate government bureaucracy and solve problems.

Elaine was the first in her family to attend college, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Finance from Penn State University. She and her husband, Andy, are parents of three daughters, Kate, Hannah and Sarah.