2020 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our community, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. 


Shelley B. Mayer

2020 Submissions

Blind Brook-Rye Middle School

6th Grade

Connor Landsman an essay (pdf)

Wyatt Feist an essay (pdf)

Bruno M Ponterio Ridge Street School


George Beltas a work of art (jpg)

Jared Gordon a work of art (jpeg)

1st Grade

Justin Crasper a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Ella Seif a poem (jpg)

Presley Wegweiser a work of art (jpg)

Sakura Murray a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Peter Ayala a poem (jpg)

Rachel Gordon an essay (jpeg)

4th Grade

Ali May Scala a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Abigail Goldstein a poem (jpeg)

Danielle Elkowitz a poem (jpeg)

French-American School

5th Grade

Abby R. a poem (pdf)

Isaac E Young Middle School

6th Grade

Valerie Carsin a work of art (pdf)

Montessori School 31

3rd Grade

Avery Riker an essay (docx)

Jayce Borgolta an essay (docx)

6th Grade

Leviya Thomas an essay (docx)

Rosmarie Ann Siragusa School


Eduardo Abimael Santiago a work of art (jpeg)

Saint Mark's Lutheran School


Ava a work of art (pdf)

Callan a work of art (pdf)

Conor a work of art (pdf)

Rebecca a work of art (pdf)

1st Grade

Caroline a work of art (pdf)

Cillian a work of art (pdf)

Conor a work of art (pdf)

Jack a work of art (pdf)

Joseph a work of art (pdf)

Julia a work of art (pdf)

Lucas a work of art (pdf)

Sophia a work of art (pdf)

William a work of art (pdf)

3rd Grade

Eoin a poem (pdf)

Ryan a poem (pdf)

4th Grade

Caleb an essay (pdf)

Ethan an essay (pdf)

Grace a poem (pdf)

McKayla an essay (pdf)

Ophelia an essay (pdf)

Shea an essay (pdf)

Vivienne an essay (pdf)

5th Grade

Clodagh a poem (pdf)

Finnuala a poem (pdf)

Jaiden a poem (pdf)

Jailyn a poem (pdf)

John a poem (pdf)

Lilianna a poem (pdf)

6th Grade

Abigail a poem (pdf)

Abigail a poem (pdf)

Alice a poem (pdf)

Conor a poem (pdf)

Debra Masiello a poem (pdf)

Jordan a poem (pdf)

Padraig a poem (pdf)

Patrick a poem (pdf)