CityParks Concerts: Slick Rick

Slick Rick the infamous hip hop storyteller who wears a pirate’s eye patch, has delivered some of the 80’s greatest hits, including “La Di Da Di,” “Mona Lisa,” and “Children's Story.” Hip hop purists consider him one of the greatest MCs in hip hop’s history.

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East River Park: Band Shell
along the East River between Grand & Jackson streets
United States

Senate Rules Reform Part 2

Brief overview of the reforms contained in the new rules resolution (R2844) include:


Aubertine, Senate Pass Historic Reforms


New Senate rules to weaken partisan gridlock, empower Senators to better serve constituents

ALBANY (July 16, 2009)—State Sen. Darrel J. Aubertine today applauded the passing of important and historic reforms that will empower all 62 Senators to better serve their constituents regardless of political party or position within the chamber.


Senator Adams Letter to Constituents Regarding the State Senate

Dear Constituent:

One of my favorite pastimes is working on a community garden project.  I find it particularly rewarding labor, although it does come with the challenging task of continually fighting pesky weeds.  No matter what you do, they always pop up somewhere among the desired trees and flowers. 

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