Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson

“Accusations against public officials are of the utmost concern to everyone in a just and civil society and I take them very seriously.  A court of law has now ruled and we respect the decision rendered by the justice system.

The leaders of our conference are discussing the potential for further disciplinary action by the Senate and will comment further once a determination has been reached.


Senate Republican Recommendations For Cost Cutting & Budget Savings

Senate Republican Recommendations For Cost Cutting and Budget Savings


 Review $2.2 billion in general fund spending added to the 2009-10 budget by the legislature for possible reductions.


Senator Dilan Announces Statewide Public Hearings on DOT Five-Year Plan

(Albany, NY)—Recognizing that the state's five-year capital program is essential to our state's economy and infrastructure, Senate Transportation Chair, Martin Malavé Dilan announced today that the Senate will be holding statewide hearings on how best to move forward with a cost-effective transportation infrastructure plan.


POWERING NEW YORK’S FUTURE: Syracuse/Kingston Roundtables

Senate and Assembly Leaders in Syracuse to Continue Discussion of Low Cost Power for Economic Development Programs



Payroll Report - End Date 09/30/09

09/17/2009 - 09/30/2009
Check Date: 

Governor's DRP Misses The Mark

ONEONTA, 10/15/09— Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I- Oneonta) today commented on the governor’s deficit reduction plan:

“Since last spring when the governor signed off on a record spending budget that raised taxes by more than $8 billion, I have been calling for commonsense cuts, tax rollbacks and real help for our small businesses to improve our state’s economy.  It’s about time the governor and other Democrat leaders who came up with the out of control budget get the message.


Roundtable with Sen. Aubertine, Sen. Valesky Gives Farmers a Voice

Matthew Critz (far left) of Critz Farms ( discusses with Sen. Aubertine (far right), Assemblyman Magee (center right), and Sen. Valesky (center ) how the Farm Labor Fair Practices Act would hurt his farm, put farm workers out of work,  and force many of the workers themselves to move elsewhere.

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