Padavan Reminds Taxpayers About The Earned Income Tax Credit

New York State Senator Frank Padavan (Queens) reminded all taxpayers throughout Northeast Queens to see if they’re  eligible for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) when they file their federal tax return this tax season. Padavan’s call is part of a national public awareness campaign aimed at informing taxpayers about the EITC. .    The EITC was created in 1975 to help low to moderate income federal taxpayers.


Hornbeck APA nomination rocks the boat (update)

Sen. Little wants to keep Lussi on APA board; no opposition to nomination of former NYSERDA President Valentino

By MIKE LYNCH and CHRIS KNIGHT, Enterprise Staff Writers POSTED: February 3, 2010

The nomination of canoe maker Peter Hornbeck to a seat on the state Adirondack Park Agency Board of Commissioners has been held up in the state Senate amid local-government concerns about him being an environmental group board member.

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Statement From Senate Majority Conference Leader John L. Sampson

After 40 years of bad budget decisions by Senate Republicans, today's economic news is no surprise. Our economy is in shambles, regular people cannot find good paying jobs, and with diminished revenues critical services are now at risk. Senate Democrats campaigned on change, and we believe there is a better way.  We will get spending under control, invest in targeted property tax relief, and protect the safety net more New Yorkers are relying on in these difficult times. 

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