Sen. Schneiderman's Statement On the Senate's Historic Rules Reforms

At long last, we have achieved meaningful rules reform that will forever change the way the state Senate conducts business. The days of top-down, leadership-dominated policymaking are over. The Senate adopted many of the key principles of the bipartisan agreement I proposed last week, including the historic rule change that allows a simple majority of Senators to decide what bills will make it to the floor for a vote. Today’s reforms also provide greater equity in the distribution of resources between both parties and increase openness and transparency in the legislative process.


Winner: Enacted Reforms Good for Upstate

Albany, N.Y.–State Senator George Winner (R-C-I, Elmira), a member of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration that convened earlier this year to begin laying the groundwork for the far-reaching legislative reforms that have now been approved, called the fight for changing the Senate “incredibly contentious and frustrating, but we’ve finally broken dramatic new ground in New York government.  It’s very positive for the upstate region, and it absolutely needed to be done.”


Hudson River Park Clinton Cove Festival

Hand your kid a fishing rod and lay back to listen to the Mercantillers, who return to the Park for the fifth annual Clinton Cove Festival, a favorite event for those also adoring kayaking, field races, and children’s games.

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Hudson River Park’s Clinton Cove
55th Street
United States
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