Historic Senate Rules Reform, Sponsored by Senator Valesky, Passes Senate

ALBANY, N.Y.--The State Senate adopted historic and sweeping rules reform, sponsored by State Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida), which will transform Senate operations, decentralize long-held leader control, and give each member of the house, regardless of party, fair opportunity to influence the legislative process.


Senate Passes Historic Rules Resolution Sponsored by Smith/Valesky

Last night the Senate passed a historic resolution that reforms the operating rules of the chamber, fulfilling promises made by Senator Smith in 2007 and the opening of session and  following the recommendations made by the Temporary Committee on Rules and Administration Reform in its report on April 21, 2009.

More on the rules later; attached is the rules resolution.


2009-2010 Senate Rules.pdf


Lifesaving Teens Honored

The Cooperstown Crier

By Jim Austin

COOPERSTOWN - Village lifeguards Ryan Davine and Todd Mayton were honored Monday night for rescuing a couple after their canoe capsized in Otsego Lake on Memorial Day.

During a brief ceremony at Three Mile Point, where the rescue occurred, Mayor Carol Waller said the two 17-year-olds took it stride like it was just a part of their jobs.


State Senator Liz Krueger Worked 7 Years to Pass Historic Rules Reforms in the New York State Senate

New York—State Senator Liz Krueger hailed the passage of rules reform today.  "These rules reforms represent a historic shift in the way the State Senate will now function,” said Senator Krueger.  "For decades New Yorkers have been clamoring for an end to business as usual in Albany and I am proud that after years of my arguing for these changes, we will finally have taken a giant step toward a more fair and transparent government that truly serves the people's interests."


Senate Dems In No Rush On Mayoral Control

By Elizabeth Benjamin: The Daily Politics

We could be in for another long day here at the Capitol. Key Democratic senators told the DN's Glenn Blain they are still awaiting word from Team Bloomberg as to whether any amendments to the Assembly mayoral control bill are acceptable. It remains unclear if the measure will be voted on today.


Senate Passes Ban on Texting While Driving

Prohibits the use of portable electronic devices while driving

(Albany, NY)- Today, the New York State Senate passed S3619A/Dilan,  legislation that will make New York’s roads and highways safer by, among other provisions, banning the practice of texting and using other electronic devices while driving.

In addition to the texting ban, the legislation includes a number of important provisions that will make the roadways safer by implementing sensible requirements for young drivers, including:


Staten Island's state Sen. Andrew Lanza furious over Democrats' judgeship vote


Staten Island state Sen. Andrew Lanza was reportedly very annoyed at Senate Democrats' confirmation of Court of Claims Judge Rick Dollinger without any Republicans in the chamber.


7/15/2009: Senate Passes S. 2653-C (Huntley)

S. 2653-C  HUNTLEY   Same as A. 6361-C  Rivera P  HUNTLEY Amd SS1676 & 1680, Pub Auth L Relates to the construction and financing of facilities by the dormitory authority for the Alliance of Long Island Agencies, Inc

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