assembly Bill A9273

Signed By Governor
2021-2022 Legislative Session

Replaces instances of the words inmate or inmates with the words incarcerated individual or incarcerated individuals

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Assembly Actions - Lowercase
Senate Actions - UPPERCASE
Aug 08, 2022 signed chap.486
Aug 05, 2022 delivered to governor
Jun 02, 2022 returned to assembly
passed senate
3rd reading cal.1899
substituted for s8216
May 03, 2022 referred to crime victims, crime and correction
delivered to senate
passed assembly
Apr 28, 2022 advanced to third reading cal.561
Apr 26, 2022 reported
Feb 09, 2022 referred to correction

A9273 (ACTIVE) - Details

See Senate Version of this Bill:
Law Section:
Correction Law
Laws Affected:
Amd Cor L, generally; amd §§259-h & 259-i, Exec L; amd §101.00, Loc Fin L; amd §10.03, Ment Hyg L; amd §60.05, Pen L; amd §3502, Pub Health L; amd §194, Soc Serv L; amd §§9-143, 9-149, 9-154, 9-156, 408.1.1 & E106.4.8, NYC Ad Cd

A9273 (ACTIVE) - Summary

Replaces instances of the words inmate or inmates with the words incarcerated individual or incarcerated individuals.

A9273 (ACTIVE) - Bill Text download pdf

                     S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K
                           I N  A S S E M B L Y
                             February 9, 2022
 Introduced  by M. of A. AUBRY -- read once and referred to the Committee
   on Correction
 AN ACT to amend the correction law, the executive law, the local finance
   law, the mental hygiene law, the penal law, the public health law, the
   social services law and the administrative code of  the  city  of  New
   York,  in  relation  to  replacing  instances  of  the words inmate or
   inmates with the words incarcerated individual or  incarcerated  indi-
   Section 1. Subdivision 18 of section 45  of  the  correction  law,  as
 added  by  chapter 432 of the laws of 2021, is renumbered subdivision 19
 and is amended to read as follows:
   19. Establish standards and guidelines for  a  program  of  medication
 assisted  treatment  for  [inmates]  INCARCERATED  INDIVIDUALS in county
 jails and/or county correctional facilities equivalent  to  the  program
 established  in  state  correctional  facilities pursuant to section six
 hundred twenty-six of this chapter and submit an annual report  consist-
 ent with the requirements of subdivision three of such section.
   §  2. Section 49 of the correction law, as added by chapter 557 of the
 laws of 2021, is amended to read as follows:
   § 49. Commission on prison education. There is  hereby  established  a
 commission on prison education comprised of nine members who shall study
 and  develop  a plan for improving education in the state prison system.
 The commission on prison education shall consider  and  investigate  the
 following factors when determining education improvements: the impact on
 an  [inmate's]  INCARCERATED  INDIVIDUAL'S employment opportunities upon
 release from prison, the impact on an [inmate's]  INCARCERATED  INDIVID-
 UAL'S reintegration into society and the effectiveness in reducing reci-
 divism.  Appointments  to the task force shall be made as follows: three
 by the governor; two by the speaker of the assembly; one by the minority
 leader of the assembly; two by the temporary president of the senate and
 one by the minority leader of  the  senate.  The  commission  on  prison
  EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                       [ ] is old law to be omitted.