assembly Bill A6949

2023-2024 Legislative Session

Exempts certain geothermal boreholes at depths beyond five hundred feet from certain requirements

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Senate Actions - UPPERCASE
May 17, 2023 referred to environmental conservation
delivered to senate
passed assembly
ordered to third reading rules cal.177
rules report cal.177
May 16, 2023 reported referred to rules
May 09, 2023 referred to environmental conservation


A6949 (ACTIVE) - Details

See Senate Version of this Bill:
Current Committee:
Senate Environmental Conservation
Law Section:
Environmental Conservation Law
Laws Affected:
Amd §23-0305, En Con L

A6949 (ACTIVE) - Summary

Exempts certain geothermal boreholes at depths beyond five hundred feet from certain requirements for wells drilled deeper than five hundred feet below the earth's surface.

A6949 (ACTIVE) - Bill Text download pdf

                     S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K
                        2023-2024 Regular Sessions
                           I N  A S S E M B L Y
                                May 9, 2023
 Introduced  by M. of A. GLICK -- read once and referred to the Committee
   on Environmental Conservation
 AN ACT to amend the  environmental  conservation  law,  in  relation  to
   exempting  certain  geothermal boreholes at depths beyond five hundred
   feet from certain requirements

   Section 1. Legislative findings and declaration. The legislature here-
 by finds and declares that:
   1. The climate leadership and community protection act establishes the
 goal  of  reducing  statewide greenhouse gas emission levels by 40% from
 1990 levels by 2030 and 85% by the  year  2050  and  achieving  net-zero
 emissions  statewide  by  2050.  The  climate  leadership  and community
 protection act further created and tasked  the  climate  action  council
 with  developing  a  final  scoping  plan  outlining recommendations for
 attaining New York's statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
   2. The climate action council's  final  scoping  plan  recognized  the
 electrification  of buildings - particularly through the installation of
 closed-loop geothermal heating and cooling systems - as a  key  strategy
 to achieve the widespread decarbonization of buildings that is necessary
 to achieve the climate leadership and community protection act goals.
   3.  The final scoping plan identifies that appropriate regulations and
 permit fees are not in place for geothermal boreholes deeper  than  five
 hundred  feet and should be developed by the department of environmental
 conservation.  Specifically,  the  department  applies  its  regulations
 developed  for  oil  and gas wells to geothermal wells greater than five
 hundred feet deep, even though closed-loop geothermal boreholes  do  not
 involve  injection  into  or  extraction from the ground and thus do not
 pose an impact adverse to the environment  comparable  to  oil  and  gas
 wells.    The department's existing regulations also apply on a per-well
 basis, thereby  adding  significant  cost  and  permitting  barriers  to
  EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                       [ ] is old law to be omitted.