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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports and fees
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 10
§ 146-c. Reports and fees. Each licensee who distributes commercial
fertilizers in this state shall furnish the commissioner with a written
statement of the tonnage of each grade of commercial fertilizer,
including zero tonnage if applicable, sold by him or her in this state
during the calendar year to persons not required to be licensed under
this article. The tonnage of grades of which less than fifty tons were
sold shall be reported, either individually or combined under the
heading of miscellaneous sales. This report shall be submitted in the
form and with such frequency as the commissioner shall require by
regulation. The licensee shall pay to the commissioner a sum equal to
ten cents for each ton or portion thereof of commercial fertilizer
distributed in this state to persons not required to be licensed under
this article provided that such annual tonnage fee shall not be less
than fifty dollars. This fee shall be remitted on or before February
first and calculated based on the calendar year immediately preceding.

No information furnished under this section shall be disclosed in such
a way as to divulge the method or scope of the operation of any person.

The commissioner shall publish at least annually a summary of the
tonnage reports submitted pursuant to this section.

The licensee shall make such other reports as the commissioner may

Failure to make such reports or to pay such fee shall be grounds for
revocation of the license hereunder.