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This entry was published on 2019-09-20
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Legislative findings
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 2-C
§ 31-f. Legislative findings. The legislature hereby finds and
declares that community gardens provide significant health, educational
and social benefits to the general public, especially for those who
reside in urban and suburban areas of this state. Furthermore, it is the
articulated public policy of this state to promote and foster growth in
the number of community gardens and the acreage of such gardens. The
community garden movement continues to provide low cost food that is
fresh and nutritious for those who may be unable to readily afford or
have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves or their
families, promotes public health and healthier individual lifestyles by
encouraging better eating habits and increased physical activity by
growing their own food, fosters the retention and expansion of open
spaces, particularly in urban environments, enhances urban and suburban
environmental quality and community beautification, provides inexpensive
community building activities, recreation and physical exercise for all
age groups, establishes a safe place for community involvement and helps
to reduce the incidence of crime, engenders a closer relationship
between urban residents, nature and their local environment, and fosters
green job training and ecological education at all levels. It is
therefore the intent of the legislature and the purpose of this article
to foster growth in the number, size and scope of community gardens in
this state by encouraging state agencies, municipalities and private
parties in their efforts to promote community gardens.