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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Information to be requested in applications for licenses
§ 62. Information to be requested in applications for licenses. 1. The
board shall have the authority to prescribe the manner and form in which
an application must be submitted to the office for licensure under this

2. The board is authorized to adopt regulations, including by
emergency rule, establishing information which must be included on an
application for licensure under this article. Such information may
include, but is not limited to: information about the applicant's
identity, including racial and ethnic diversity; ownership and
investment information, including the corporate structure; evidence of
good moral character, including the submission of fingerprints by the
applicant to the division of criminal justice services; information
about the premises to be licensed; financial statements; and any other
information prescribed by regulation.

3. All license applications shall be signed by the applicant (if an
individual), by a managing member (if a limited liability company), by
an officer (if a corporation), or by all partners (if a partnership).
Each person signing such application shall verify or affirm it as true
under the penalties of perjury.

4. All license or permit applications shall be accompanied by a check,
draft or other forms of payment as the board may require or authorize in
the amount required by this article for such license or permit.

5. If there are any proposed changes, after the filing of the
application or the granting of a license or permit, in any of the facts
required to be set forth in such application, a supplemental statement
giving notice of such proposed change, cost and source of money involved
in the change, duly verified or affirmed, shall be filed with the board
at least thirty days prior to such proposed change. Failure to do so
shall, if willful and deliberate, be cause for denial or revocation of
the license.

6. In giving any notice, or taking any action in reference to a
registered organization or licensee of a licensed premises, the board
may rely upon the information furnished in such application and in any
supplemental statement connected therewith, and such information may be
presumed to be correct, and shall be binding upon registered
organizations, licensee or licensed premises as if correct. All
information required to be furnished in such application or supplemental
statements shall be deemed material in any prosecution for perjury, any
proceeding to revoke, cancel or suspend any license, and in the board's
final determination to approve or deny the license.

7. The board may waive the submission of non-material information or
documentation described in this section, the waiver of which would not
be inconsistent with the purposes and goals set forth in this article,
for any category of license or permit, provided that it shall not be
permitted to waive the requirement for submission of any such category
of information solely for an individual applicant or applicants.

8. The board pursuant to regulation, may wholly prohibit and/or
prescribe specific criteria under which it will consider and allow
limited transfers or changes of ownership, interest, or control during
the registration or license application period and/or up to two years
after an approved applicant commences licensed activities.