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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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§ 63. Fees. 1. The board shall have the authority to charge applicants
for licensure under this article a non-refundable application fee. Such
fee may be based on the type of licensure sought, cultivation and/or
production volume, or any other factors deemed reasonable and
appropriate by the board to achieve the policy and purpose of this

1-a. The board shall also have the authority to assess a registered
organization with a one-time special licensing fee for a registered
organization adult-use cultivator processor, distributor retail
dispensary license. Such fee shall be assessed at an amount to
adequately fund social and economic equity and incubator assistance
pursuant to this article and paragraph (c) of subdivision three of
section ninety-nine-ii of the state finance law. Provided, however, that
the board shall not allow registered organizations to dispense adult-use
cannabis from more than three of their medical cannabis dispensing
locations. The timing and manner in which registered organizations may
be granted such authority shall be determined by the board in

2. The board shall have the authority to charge licensees a biennial
license fee. Such fee shall be based on the amount of cannabis to be
cultivated, processed, distributed and/or dispensed by the licensee or
the gross annual receipts of the licensee for the previous license
period, and any other factors deemed reasonable and appropriate by the

3. The board shall waive or reduce fees pursuant to this section for
social and economic equity applicants.