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This entry was published on 2022-02-25
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Adult-use Cannabis
Cannabis (CAN) CHAPTER 7-A

Section 61. License application.

62. Information to be requested in applications for licenses.

63. Fees.

64. Selection criteria.

65. Limitations of licensure; duration.

66. License renewal.

67. Amendments; changes in ownership and organizational


68. Adult-use cultivator license.

68-a. Registered organization adult-use cultivator processor

distributor retail dispensary license.

68-b. Registered organization adult-use cultivator, processor

and distributor license.

68-c. Conditional adult-use cultivator license.

69. Adult-use processor license.

69-a. Conditional adult-use processor license.

70. Adult-use cooperative license.

71. Adult-use distributor license.

72. Adult-use retail dispensary license.

73. Microbusiness license.

74. Delivery license.

75. Nursery license.

76. Notification to municipalities of adult-use retail

dispensary or on-site consumption license.

77. Adult-use on-site consumption license; provisions

governing on-site consumption licenses.

78. Record keeping and tracking.

79. Inspections and ongoing requirements.

80. Adult-use cultivators, processors or distributors not to

be interested in retail dispensaries.

81. Packaging, labeling, and administration of adult-use

cannabis products.

82. Laboratory testing.

83. Provisions governing the cultivation and processing of

adult-use cannabis.

84. Provisions governing the distribution of adult-use


85. Provisions governing adult-use cannabis retail


86. Adult-use cannabis advertising and marketing.

87. Social and economic equity, minority and women-owned

businesses, distressed farmers and service-disabled

veterans; incubator program.

88. Data collection and reporting.

89. Regulations.