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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Adult-use distributor license
§ 71. Adult-use distributor license. 1. A distributor's license shall
authorize the acquisition, possession, distribution and sale of cannabis
from the licensed premises of a licensed adult-use cultivator,
processor, adult-use cooperative, microbusiness, or registered
organization authorized pursuant to this chapter to sell adult-use
cannabis, to duly licensed retail dispensaries and on-site consumption

2. No distributor shall have a direct or indirect economic interest in
any microbusiness, adult-use retail dispensary, adult-use on-site
consumption licensee or in any registered organization registered
pursuant to article three of this chapter. This restriction shall not
prohibit a registered organization authorized pursuant to section
thirty-nine of this chapter, from being granted licensure by the board
to distribute adult-use cannabis products cultivated and processed by
the registered organization to licensed adult-use retail dispensaries.

3. Any distributor with a direct or indirect interest in a licensed
cultivator or processor, shall only distribute cannabis or cannabis
products cultivated and/or processed by such licensee.

4. Nothing in subdivision two of this section shall prevent a
distributor from charging an appropriate fee, authorized by the board,
for the distribution of cannabis, including based on the volume of
cannabis distributed.

5. Adult-use distributor licensees are subject to minimum operating
requirements as determined by the board in regulation.