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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Adult-use retail dispensary license
§ 72. Adult-use retail dispensary license. 1. A retail dispensary
license shall authorize the acquisition, possession, sale and delivery
of cannabis from the licensed premises of the retail dispensary by such
licensee to cannabis consumers.

2. No person may have a direct or indirect financial or controlling
interest in more than three adult-use retail dispensary licenses issued
pursuant to this chapter.

3. No person holding a retail dispensary license may also hold an
adult-use cultivation, processor, microbusiness, cooperative or
distributor license pursuant to this article or be registered as a
registered organization pursuant to article three of this chapter,
except for such organizations licensed pursuant to sections
sixty-eight-a and sixty-eight-b of this article.

4. No retail license shall be granted for any premises, unless the
applicant shall be the owner thereof, or shall be able to demonstrate
possession of the premises within thirty days of final approval of the
license through a lease, management agreement or other agreement giving
the applicant control over the premises, in writing, for a term not less
than the license period.

5. With the exception of delivery or microbusiness licensees, no
premises shall be licensed to sell cannabis products, unless said
premises shall be located in a store, the principal entrance to which
shall be from the street level and located on a public thoroughfare in
premises which may be occupied, operated or conducted for business,
trade or industry.

6. No cannabis retail licensee shall locate a storefront within five
hundred feet of a school grounds as such term is defined in the
education law or within two hundred feet of a house of worship.