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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General duties of district attorneys
§ 927. General duties of district attorneys. It shall be the duty of
the district attorney of the respective counties of New York, Bronx,
Kings, Queens and Richmond to prosecute all crimes and offenses
cognizable by the courts of the county for which he shall have been
elected or appointed, except when the place of trial of an indictment is
changed from one county to another, it shall be the duty of the district
attorney of the county where the indictment is found to conduct the
trial of the indictment so removed, but said district attorney shall
assist in the trial of an indictment removed to his county for trial,
upon request of the district attorney of the county wherein the
indictment was found. He shall perform the duties prescribed in section
seven hundred of this chapter and such other duties as are prescribed by