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Provisions Applicable to New York City
County (CNT) CHAPTER 11

Section 900. Devolution of powers and duties on the county of Bronx.

901. Office of the sheriff.

902. Certain office hours.

903. Official seals and signatures.

904. Court and trust fund register and liability of officers.

905. Liability of commissioner of finance and surety for loss

of court and trust funds.

906. Liability of city of New York for loss of court and trust


907. Certain publications in county of Bronx.

908. Appointment and salary of county clerks.

909. Additional general duties of county clerks.

910. Official undertakings of county clerks.

911. Appointment and salaries of counsel to the county clerks.

912. Subordinate employees in offices of county clerks;


913. Official undertakings of subordinates in offices of

county clerks.

914. Duties of deputy county clerks.

915. Fees of county clerks.

916. Accounts of money to be kept in offices of county clerks.

917. Transcripts of accounts in offices of county clerks;


918. General provisions pertaining to records in offices of

county clerks.

919. Block indices in offices of county clerks.

919-a. Block indices in the office of the county clerk in the

county of Richmond.

920. Alphabetical indices in offices of county clerks.

921. Current minute books and indices in office of county

clerk of New York county.

922. Judgment docket in office of county clerk of New York


923. Current docket books and filing for Bronx county.

924. Photo recording.

925. Certificate of searching records and copies.

926. Election of district attorneys; term and vacancies.

927. General duties of district attorneys.

928. Salary of district attorneys.

929. Official undertaking of district attorneys.

930. Assistant district attorneys; salaries.

931. Employees of the district attorneys in counties contained

within the city of New York.

932. Exemption of district attorneys from payment of certain


933. Appropriations for extraordinary criminal actions.

934. Cost of removed criminal trials.

935. Disposition of property by district attorney of New York


937. County detectives in counties within city of New York.

938. County detective in counties of Bronx and Kings.

939. Medical assistants in counties of New York and Kings.

940. Commissioner of finance as trustee of cemetery lots.

940-a. Food and lodging for certain jurors.

941. Liability for torts.

942. Duty to furnish facilities for courts of record.

943. Representation of indigent persons accused of crime.