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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Parole officers
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 2
§ 10. Parole officers. 1. Employees in the department who perform the
duties of supervising incarcerated individuals released on community
supervision shall be parole officers.

2. No person shall be eligible for the position of parole officer who
is under twenty-one years of age or who does not possess a baccalaureate
degree conferred by a post-secondary institution accredited by an
accrediting agency recognized by the United States office of education,
or who is not fit physically, mentally and morally. Parole officer
selection shall be based on definite qualifications as to character,
ability and training with an emphasis on capacity and ability to provide
a balanced approach to influencing human behavior and to use judgment in
the enforcement of the rules and regulations of community supervision.
Parole officers shall be persons likely to exercise a strong and helpful
influence upon persons placed under their supervision while retaining
the goal of protecting society.

3. The commissioner, acting in cooperation with the civil service
commission, shall establish standards, preliminary requisites and
requisites to govern the selection and appointment of parole officers.

4. A parole or warrant officer, in performing or in attempting to
perform an arrest pursuant to and in conformance with the provisions of
article one hundred forty of the criminal procedure law, shall be deemed
to have performed such actions, relating to such arrest, in the course
of employment in the department for purposes of disability or death from
any injuries arising therefrom. The provisions of this subdivision shall
apply whether or not such parole or warrant officer was on duty for the
department at the time of performing such actions or performed such
actions outside of his or her regular or usual duties within the