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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 2
§ 15-b. Education. The present director of vocational education shall
be the director of education with the powers and duties of the director
of education and hereafter shall be appointed by the commissioner. The
director of education, at any time appointed, shall be a person whose
education, training and experience shall cover fields of penology and of
professional education. The educational qualifications shall include the
satisfactory completion of three years of graduate work in education,
penology, and allied fields. The head of the division of education shall
have the direct supervision of all educational work in the department of
corrections and community supervision and shall have full authority to
visit and inspect all institutions of the department to observe, study,
organize, and develop the educational activities of such institutions in
harmony with the general educational program of the department. He or
she shall be responsible to the commissioner and deputy commissioner
designated by the commissioner.