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Classification of industries; report concerning industries
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 7
§ 183. Classification of industries; report concerning industries. 1.
It shall be the duty of the commissioner to distribute, among the
correctional institutions under his jurisdiction, the labor and
industries assigned to said institutions, due regard being had to the
location and convenience of the prisons, and of the other institutions
to be supplied, the machinery now therein and the number of prisoners,
in order to secure the best service and distribution of the labor, and
to employ the prisoners, so far as practicable, in occupations in which
they will be most likely to obtain employment after their discharge from
imprisonment. The commissioner shall change or dispose of the present
plants and machinery in said institutions now used in industries which
shall be discontinued, and which can not be used in the industries
hereafter to be carried on in said prisons, due effort to be made by
full notice to probable purchasers, in case of sales of industries or
machinery, to obtain the best price possible for the property sold, and
good will of the business to be discontinued.

2. The commissioner shall submit reports, quarterly, to the senate
finance committee, the assembly ways and means committee, and the
director of the budget, regarding industries under his jurisdiction.
Such reports shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) all materials, machinery or other property procured, and the cost

(b) all other expenditures and the nature thereof;

(c) all receipts and the nature thereof;

(d) all inventory on hand at the opening and closing of the quarter;

(e) recommendations regarding the continuance of the program.