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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Articles manufactured to be furnished to the state or subdivisions thereof
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 7
§ 184. Articles manufactured to be furnished to the state or
subdivisions thereof. 1. The commissioner is authorized and directed to
cause to be manufactured or prepared by the incarcerated individuals in
the state correctional facilities, such articles as are needed and used
therein, and also, such articles as are required by the state or
political subdivisions thereof, and in the buildings, offices and public
institutions owned or managed and controlled by the state, including
articles and materials to be used in the erection of the buildings, and
including material for the construction, improvement or repair of
highways, streets and roads.

2. All such articles manufactured or prepared in the state
correctional facilities, or by incarcerated individuals, and not
required for use therein, shall be of the styles, patterns, designs and
qualities fixed by the department of corrections and community
supervision, except where the same have been or may be fixed by the
office of general services in the executive department. Such articles
may be furnished to the state, or to any political subdivision thereof,
or for or to any public institution owned or managed and controlled by
the state, or any political subdivision thereof, government of the
United States or to any state of the United States or subdivision
thereof or to any public corporation, authority, or eleemosynary
association funded in whole or in part by any federal, state or local
funds, at and for such prices as shall be fixed and determined as
hereinafter provided, upon the requisitions of the proper officials
thereof. No article so manufactured or prepared shall be purchased from
any other source, for the state or public institutions of the state, or
the political subdivisions thereof, or public benefit corporations,
authorities or commissions, unless the commissioner of corrections and
community supervision shall certify that the same can not be furnished
upon such requisition, and no claim therefor shall be audited or paid
without such certificate.