1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Civil Practice Law & Rules
  4. Article 13-A: Proceeds of a Crime-forfeiture

Section 1331 Return of property; directions to clerk and claiming agent

Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP)

Upon motion of any interested person, on notice to the claiming agent and each party, the court may direct the clerk of any county to cancel a notice of attachment and may direct the claiming agent to dispose of, account for, assign, return or release any property or debt, or the proceeds thereof, or any undertaking, or to file additional inventories or returns, subject to the payment of the claiming agent's fees, and expenses, if any. The court shall direct that notice of the motion be given to the claiming authority and plaintiffs in other orders of attachment, if any, and to the judgment creditors of executions, if any, affecting any property or debt, or the proceeds thereof, sought to be returned or released.