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This entry was published on 2019-04-19
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Proceeds of a Crime-forfeiture
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8

Section 1310. Definitions.

1311. Forfeiture actions.

1311-a. Subpoena duces tecum.

1311-b. Money judgment.

1312. Provisional remedies; generally.

1313. Debt or property subject to attachment; proper


1314. Attaching creditor's rights in personal property.

1315. Discharge of garnishee's obligation.

1316. Order of attachment on notice; temporary restraining

order; contents.

1317. Order of attachment without notice.

1318. Motion papers; filing; demand; damages.

1319. Service of summons.

1320. Levy upon personal property by service of order.

1321. Levy upon personal property by seizure.

1322. Levy upon real property.

1323. Additional undertaking to carrier garnishee.

1324. Claiming agent's duties after levy.

1325. Garnishee's statement.

1326. Disclosure.

1327. Proceedings to determine adverse claims.

1328. Discharge of attachment.

1329. Vacating or modifying attachment.

1330. Annulment of attachment.

1331. Return of property; directions to clerk and claiming


1332. Disposition of attachment property after execution

issued; priority of orders of attachment.

1333. Grounds for preliminary injunction and temporary

restraining order.

1334. Motion papers.

1335. Temporary restraining order.

1336. Vacating or modifying preliminary injunction or tempo-

rary restraining order.

1337. Ascertaining damages sustained by reason of preliminary

injunction or temporary restraining order.

1338. Appointment and powers of temporary receiver.

1339. Oath.

1340. Undertaking.

1341. Accounts.

1342. Removal.

1343. Notice of pendency; constructive notice.

1344. Filing, content and indexing of notice of pendency.

1345. Service of summons.

1346. Duration of notice of pendency.

1347. Motion for cancellation of notice of pendency.

1348. Undertaking for cancellation of notice of pendency.

1349. Disposal of property.

1350. Rules of procedure; in general.

1351. Application of article.

1352. Preservation of other rights and remedies.