1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Civil Practice Law & Rules
  4. Article 80: Fees

Section 8009 Oaths; acknowledgments; certification or exemplification

Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP)

Any authorized officer is entitled, for the services specified, to the following fees:

  1. for administering an oath or affirmation, and certifying it when required, except where another fee is specially prescribed by statute, two dollars;

  2. for taking and certifying the acknowledgment or proof of the execution of a written instrument, two dollars for one person and two dollars for each additional person, and two dollars for swearing each witness thereto; and

  3. for certifying or exemplifying a typewritten or printed copy of any document, paper, book or record in his custody, twenty-five cents for each folio with a minimum of one dollar.