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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8


8001. Persons subpoenaed; examination before trial;

transcripts of records.

(a) Persons subpoenaed.

(b) Persons subpoenaed upon an examination before


(c) Transcripts of records.

8002. Stenographers.

8003. Referees.

(a) Generally.

(b) Upon sale of real property.

8004. Commissions of receivers.

(a) Generally.

(b) Allowance where funds depleted.

8005. Commissions of trustees; advance payment of fees of an


8006. Premiums on undertakings by fiduciaries.

8007. Printers.

8008. Fees and expenses of officer to be paid before

transmission of paper.

8009. Oaths; acknowledgments; certification or


8010. County treasurers.

8011. Fixed fees of sheriffs.

(a) Order of attachment.

(b) Property execution.

(c) Income execution; service upon judgment debtor.

(d) Income execution; levy upon default or failure to

serve judgment debtor.

(e) Recovery of chattel.

(f) Summary proceeding.

(g) Sales.

(h) Summons, subpoenas and other mandates.

(i) Undertakings; returns; copies.

(j) Prisoners.

(k) Jurors; view; constables' services.

8012. Mileage fees, poundage fees, additional compensation,

and limitation on compensation of sheriffs.

(a) Mileage fees.

(b) Poundage fees.

(c) Additional compensation.

(d) Mileage fees in the city of New York.

8013. Expenses of sheriffs.

(a) Publication of notice of sale.

(b) Appraisal of attached property.

(c) Other expenses.

(d) Payment in advance.

8014. Collection of sheriff's fees on execution.

8015. County clerk where sheriff is a party or otherwise


8016. Clerks of courts of record generally.

(a) Fees of clerks in actions.

(b) Certifying judgment-roll on appeal.

8017. Exemption of the state and counties, and agencies and

officers thereof, from fees of clerks.

8018. Index number fees of county clerks.

(a) Amount of fee.

(b) Exemptions from index number fee.

(c) Endorsement of index number on papers.

(d) Additional services without fee where index number


8019. County clerks generally.

(a) Application.

(b) Legible copies.

(c) Notice to county clerk.

(d) Exemptions for state or city of New York.

(e) Size of page and type.

(f) Copies of records.

8020. County clerks as clerks of court.

(a) Placing cause on calendar.

(b) Calendar fee for transferred cause, joint trial,

retrial, or separate trial.

(c) Filing demand for jury trial.

(d) Filing a stipulation of settlement or a voluntary


(e) Jury fee for transferred cause, joint trial,

retrial or separate trial.

(f) Certification, exemplification, and copies of


(g) Searches.

(h) Production of court records.

8021. County clerks other than as clerks of court.

(a) Services in connection with papers or instruments

relating to real property and not filed under

the uniform commercial code.

(b) Filing, other than in connection with papers or

instruments relating to real property or filed

under the uniform commercial code.

(c) Certification, issuing certificates, other papers

and copies of papers, records, and related

services, other than in connection with papers

or instruments relating to real property or

filed under the uniform commercial code.

(d) Searches of records not filed under the uniform

commercial code.

(e) Production of records.

(f) Services rendered pursuant to part four of article

nine of the uniform commercial code.

(g) Services rendered in relation to federal tax liens

filed pursuant to the lien law.

8022. Fee on civil appeals and proceedings before appellate