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This entry was published on 2018-04-20
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Judgments Generally
Civil Practice Law & Rules (CVP) CHAPTER 8


5001. Interest to verdict, report or decision.

(a) Actions in which recoverable.

(b) Date from which computed.

(c) Specifying date; computing interest.

5002. Interest from verdict, report or decision to judgment.

5003. Interest upon judgment.

5003-a. Prompt payment following settlement.

5003-b. Nondisclosure agreements.

5004. Rate of interest.

5011. Definition and content of judgment.

5012. Judgment upon part of cause of action; upon several


5013. Effect of judgment dismissing claim.

5014. Action upon judgment.

5015. Relief from judgment or order.

(a) On motion.

(b) On stipulation.

(c) On application of an administrative judge.

(d) Restitution.

5016. Entry of judgment.

(a) What constitutes entry.

(b) Judgment upon verdict.

(c) Judgment upon decision.

(d) After death of party.

(e) Final judgment after interlocutory judgment.

5017. Judgment-roll.

(a) Preparation and filing.

(b) Content.

5018. Docketing of judgment.

(a) Docketing by clerk; docketing elsewhere by


(b) Docketing of judgment of court of United States.

(c) Form of docketing.

5019. Validity and correction of judgment or order; amendment

of docket.

(a) Validity and correction of judgment or order.

(b) Subsequent judgment or order affecting judgment or


(c) Change in judgment creditor.

(d) Certificate of county clerk.

5020. Satisfaction-piece.

(a) Generally.

(b) Attorney of record.

5020-a. Payment of judgment in certain cases.

5021. Entry of satisfaction.

(a) Entry upon satisfaction-piece, court order,

deposit into court, discharge of compounding

joint debtor.

(b) Entry upon return of execution.

(c) Entry upon certificate.