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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 43, PART 1
§ 2117. Reports. 1. The school authorities of each school district
shall make a full report to the commissioner of education upon any
particular matter relating to their schools whenever such report shall
be required by said commissioner.

2. The school authorities of each such school district shall, on the
first day of August in each year, make to the commissioner of education
a report in writing for the year ending June thirtieth preceding. In
districts under the jurisdiction of a district superintendent, such
reports shall be first submitted to the district superintendent, in
duplicate, and he shall approve one copy and file it with the
commissioner of education. Such report shall be in such form as the
commissioner of education shall approve; and every such report shall

a. The whole time school has been maintained in their district during
the year ending on June thirtieth previous to the date of such report,
and stating what portion of the time such school has been taught by
qualified teachers, and the whole number of days, including holidays, in
which the school was taught by qualified teachers.

b. The amount of their drafts upon the county treasurer, collector or
treasurer of the district for the payment of teachers' salaries during
such year, and the amount of their drafts for the purchase of books and
school apparatus during such year, and the manner in which such moneys
have been expended.

c. The number of children taught in the district during such year by
qualified teachers, and the aggregate days' attendance of all such

d. The number of children residing in their district, from birth and
under eighteen years of age, who shall have been, on the thirtieth day
of August last preceding the date of such report, legal residents of
such district. Children supported at an orphan asylum shall not be
included in such enumeration.

e. The number of vaccinated and unvaccinated children of school age in
their district.

f. The amount of money paid for teachers' salaries, in addition to the
public money paid therefor, the amount of taxes levied in such district
for purchasing school sites, for building, hiring, purchasing, repairing
and insuring schoolhouses, for fuel, for school libraries, or for any
other purpose allowed by law.

g. Such additional information in relation to the schools under their
management and control as the commissioner of education shall require.

3. The commissioner of education shall prepare, based on information
submitted to him by school districts, periodic reports covering new
school buildings giving information about them including but not limited
to the following:

(1) Cost of site.

(2) Cost of site improvement including roads, parking, playfields, and
utility lines to the building wall.

(3) Original furnishings, equipment and apparatus.

(4) Professional fees.

(5) Incidental costs.

(6) Total cost of building.

(7) Cost of building per pupil.

(8) Cost of building per gross square foot.

(9) Cost per gross square foot of the heating and ventilating.

(10) Cost per gross square foot of the plumbing.

(11) Cost per gross square foot of the electrical work.

(12) Square foot per pupil in the total gross area.

(13) Square foot per pupil in the net area of the regular and special

(14) Square foot per pupil in the net area of other rooms used for
educational, health, administrative or social purposes such as the
cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, kitchen and library.

(15) Square foot per pupil of the remaining difference between the
gross area and the sum of thirteen and fourteen which would include
toilet rooms, general storage, corridors, stair enclosures, janitor
closets, boiler rooms, building machinery rooms and the area occupied by
the walls of the building.

(16) An outline of the school plan.

(17) A brief outline specification for the building construction.

(18) The name of the architect.

(19) The name of the mechanical engineer.

(20) The name of the structural engineer.

(21) Whether single or multiple bidding was used.