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General Provisions
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 2, ARTICLE 43

Section 2101. Officers of district.

2102. Qualifications of officers.

2102-a. Required training for school district officers.

2103. Ineligibility to office.

2103-a. Police officers and firefighters on boards of education.

2105. Terms of office.

2106. Terms of officers of newly created district.

2108. Notice and acceptance of election.

2109. Refusal of trustee to serve.

2110. Penalty for refusal to serve or perform duty.

2111. Resignation of district officers.

2112. Vacating office.

2113. Filling vacancy in office of trustee.

2114. Filling vacancy in office of clerk, collector or


2115. Notice of appointment to fill vacancy and filing


2116. District records, books, etc., are district property.

2116-a. Books and records to be kept by school districts.

2116-b. Internal audit function.

2116-c. Audit committees.

2117. Reports.

2118. Expenses of school district officers.

2119. School district trustee not to draw draft on county

treasurer in certain cases.