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Limited permits
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 8, ARTICLE 137
§ 6806. Limited permits. 1. The department may issue a limited permit
for employment as a "pharmacy intern" to:

a. A student enrolled in the last two years of a registered program in
pharmacy, or

b. A graduate of a program in pharmacy which meets standards
established by the commissioner's regulations who is engaged in meeting
the experience requirements or whose application for initial licensure
is pending with the department.

2. A pharmacy intern may, as determined by the commissioner's
regulations, practice as a pharmacist under the immediate personal
supervision of a licensed pharmacist. A pharmacy intern may also receive
a certificate of administration if he or she provides satisfactory
evidence to the commissioner that he or she meets the requirements of
subdivision three of this section.

3. No pharmacy intern shall administer immunizing agents without
receiving training satisfactory to the commissioner and the commissioner
of health, as prescribed in regulations of the commissioner, which shall
include, but not be limited to: techniques for screening individuals and
obtaining informed consent; techniques of administration; indications,
precautions and contraindications in the use of an agent or agents;
recordkeeping of immunization and information; and handling emergencies,
including anaphylaxis and needlestick injuries. To receive a
certification to administer immunizations, the pharmacy intern shall
provide documentation, on a form prescribed by the department, from the
dean or other appropriate official of the registered program that the
intern has completed the required training, pursuant to regulations of
the commissioner.

4. A limited permit issued to a pharmacy intern shall have an
expiration date of five years from the date of issue. Limited permits
may be renewed once for a period not to exceed two years.

5. Fees. The fee for each limited permit issued to a pharmacy intern
shall be seventy dollars.

6. In the case of a pharmacy intern, certified to administer
immunizations, administration must be conducted under the immediate
personal supervision of a licensed pharmacist certified to administer
vaccines. A person receiving a vaccine must be informed that a pharmacy
intern, certified to administer immunizations, will be administering the
vaccine and of the option to receive the vaccination from a certified