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This entry was published on 2019-11-01
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 8

Section 6800. Introduction.

6801. Definition of practice of pharmacy.

6801-a. Collaborative drug therapy management demonstration


6802. Definitions.

6803. Practice of pharmacy and use of title "pharmacist".

6804. State board of pharmacy.

6805. Requirements for a professional license.

6806. Limited permits.

6807. Exempt persons; special provisions.

6808. Registering and operating establishments.

6808-a. Identification of Pharmacists.

6808-b. Registration of nonresident establishments.

6810. Prescriptions.

6811. Misdemeanors.

6811-a. Certain drugs to be clearly marked or labeled.

6811-b. Door-to-door distribution of drugs prohibited.

6811-c. Patient notification of recalled drugs.

6812. Special provisions.

6813. Seizure:

6814. Records of shipment.

6815. Adulterating, misbranding and substituting.

6816. Omitting to label drugs, or labeling them wrongly.

6816-a. When substitution is required.

6817. New drugs.

6818. Adulterated and misbranded cosmetics.

6818-a. Cosmetic samples.

6819. Regulations making exceptions.

6820. Certification of coal-tar colors for drugs and


6821. Poison schedules; register.

6822. Examinations and investigations.

6823. Factory inspection.

6824. Injunction proceedings.

6825. Proof required in prosecution for certain violations.

6826. Drug retail price lists.

6826-a. Reducing certain copayments.

6827. Mandatory continuing education.

6828. Certificates of administration.

6829. Interpretation and translation requirements for

prescription drugs and standardized medication


6830. Standardized patient-centered data elements.

6831. Special provisions relating to outsourcing facilities.

6832. Limitations on assistance of an unlicensed person.