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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Jurisdiction and Preliminary Procedures
Family Court Act (FCT) CHAPTER 686, ARTICLE 3

Section 301.1. Purpose.

301.2. Definitions.

301.3. Applicability of article to actions and matters occurring

before and after effective date.

301.4. Separability clause.

302.1. Jurisdiction.

302.2. Statute of limitations.

302.3. Venue.

303.1. Criminal procedure law.

303.2. Double jeopardy.

303.3. Defenses.

304.1. Detention.

304.2. Temporary order of protection.

305.1. Custody by a private person.

305.2. Custody by a peace officer or a police officer without a


306.1. Fingerprinting of certain alleged juvenile delinquents.

306.2. Fingerprinting; duties of the division of criminal

justice services.

307.1. Family court appearance ticket.

307.2. Appearance ticket procedures.

307.3. Rules of court authorizing release before filing of


307.4. Hearing following detention.

308.1. Rules of court for preliminary procedure.

310.1. Originating a juvenile delinquency proceeding.

310.2. Speedy trial.

311.1. The petition; definition and contents.

311.2. Sufficiency of petition.

311.3. Petition; fact-finding hearings.

311.4. Substitution of petition or finding.

311.5. Amendment of the petition.

311.6. Joinder, severance and consolidation.

312.1. Issuance and service of summons.

312.2. Issuance of a warrant.

315.1. Motion to dismiss; defective petition.

315.2. Motion to dismiss in furtherance of justice.

315.3. Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.