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This entry was published on 2022-12-30
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Public Contracts
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24

Section 100. Definitions.

100-a. Declaration of policy.

101. Separate specifications for certain public work.

102. Deposits on plans and specifications.

103. Advertising for bids and offers; letting of contracts;

criminal conspiracies.

103-a. Ground for cancellation of contract by municipal

corporations and fire districts.

103-b. Disqualification to contract with municipal corporations

and fire districts.

103-c. Removal of disqualification of public contractors by


103-d. Statement of non-collusion in bids and proposals to

political subdivision of the state.

103-e. Conspiracies to prevent competitive bidding or

competitive offering on public contracts.

103-f. Security bonds; municipal projects.

103-g. Iranian energy sector divestment.

104. Purchase through office of general services; purchases

from other public contracts; certain federal contracts.

104-a. Purchasing of products for public use.

104-b. Procurement policies and procedures.

104-c. Disposal of surplus computer equipment.

104-d. The New York state buy American salt act.

105. Disposition of deposit accompanying bid.

106. Withdrawal of retained percentages.

106-a. Service charge for receiving, handling and disbursing

funds and coupons.

106-b. Payment on public work projects.

107. Claims against political subdivisions; contractor's


108. Workmen's compensation insurance on public works.

109. Assignment of public contracts.

109-a. Purchases through the office of general services by

certain public associations.

109-b. Installment contracts.

109-c. Purchases through county contracts by certain

not-for-profit corporations.

109-d. Emergency vehicle warranties.