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Powers, Limitations and Liabilities
General Municipal (GMU) CHAPTER 24

Section 70. Payment of judgments against municipal corporation.

70-a. Liability for expenses incurred in enforcing lawful

required payment of moneys to state agencies.

71. Liability for damages by mobs and riots.

71-a. Injury or death of person aiding a police officer or

peace officer.

71-b. Operation of snowmobiles.

72. Acquisition of lands for erection of monuments.

72-a. Acquisition and development of forest lands.

72-b. Acquisition of lands and erection of memorial buildings.

72-c. Expenses of members of the police department and other

peace officers in attending police training schools.

72-d. Acquisition of lands for park and parkway purposes or

for district headquarters for the state department of

transportation, and dedication of the same in the town

of Babylon.

72-e. Acquisition of lands for park and parkway purposes and

dedication of the same by the counties of Broome,

Monroe and Erie.

72-f. Acquisition of lands for parkway and airport purposes

and dedication of the same by counties and municipal


72-g. Expenses of volunteer firefighters attending training

schools and instruction courses.

72-h. Sale, lease and transfer to municipal corporations of

certain public lands.

72-i. Acquisition of lands and erection of memorial buildings

by adjoining villages.

72-j. Parking garages and parking spaces; public off-street

loading facilities.

72-k. Parking facilities and appurtenances within or outside

of the state highway right of way.

72-k*2. Notification of change in use of property used for

recreational purposes.

72-l. Navigation and flood control improvements in cooperation

with the federal government.

72-m. Appropriations for Bicentennial celebration.

72-m*2. Emergency transportation plans.

72-n. Air space and air and subsurface areas.

72-o. Expenses of volunteer fire officers and firefighters

appearing before a court or other tribunal.

72-p. Lease of real property by a municipality.

72-p*2. Establishment of farmers' markets.

72-r. Adopt-a-beach stewardship program.

73. Cities and villages may hold property in trust for

certain purposes.

74. Condemnation of real property.

74-b. Payment of moving and relocation expenses of residential

and commercial owners and tenants of appropriated


74-c. Taking of billboards.

75. Limitation on acquisition of water rights in Dutchess


76. Limitation on acquisition of water rights in Westchester

and Putnam counties.

77. Leases of public buildings to posts of veteran

organizations, organizations of volunteer

firefighters, and child care agencies.

77-a. Construction and maintenance of memorial building or

monument by county or city.

77-b. Expenses of certain public officers and employees

attending conventions, conferences and schools.

77-c. Per diem meal allowances for travel on official


77-d. Traveling expenses for applicants for public employment.

77-e. Baseball field fence leases in Yates county.

77-f. Sports field fence leases in the town of Sweden, Monroe


77-g. Sports field fence leases in the city of Rye,

Westchester county.

77-h. Sports field fence leases in the town of New Castle,

Westchester county.

77-i. Sports field fence leases in the town of Yorktown,

Westchester county.

78. Insurance of property.

78-b. Demolition and removal of unsafe structures.

80. Discrimination against non-residents.

80-a. Purchasing of products for municipal use.

81. Peddling and hawking farm produce.

82. Levy to pay a final judgment; to be in addition to

amount authorized by law; money to be paid to judgment


83. Limitation as to amount of money to be raised; special

provision in New York city.

84. Refunding illegal assessments.

85. Service charge on returned checks.

85-a. Taxation of transient merchants.

86. Regulation of commercial and business activities on

Memorial day and Independence day.

86-a. Regulation of installation of portable electrical

equipment used for amusement devices.

87. Support and maintenance of charitable and other


88. Disposition of stray or unwanted dogs by municipality.

88*2. Catv franchises prohibited.

88-a. Merit award board to reward employees for suggestions.

89. Payment of debts of illegal corporations.

90. Payment of overtime compensation to public officers or


91. Payment of rewards for apprehension and conviction of a

person or persons guilty of felony or misdemeanor.

91-a. Arson investigation.

92. Vacations, sick leaves and leaves of absence of officers

and employees.

92-a. Medical, surgical and hospital services or insurance for

officers, employees and retired officers and employees

of public corporations and their families.

92-b. Audit of claims under certain contracts for

administering medical assistance.

92-c. Emergency service volunteer; paid leave.

92-d. Sick leave for officers and employees with a qualifying

World Trade Center condition.

93. Payment of certain insurance premiums for officers and

employees of municipal corporations and agencies or

instrumentalities thereof.

93-a. Written statement of deductions to accompany payment of

salary or wages to officers or employees in certain


93-b. Deductions from wages or salaries of civil service


93-c. (Enacted without section heading).

93-d. Payroll payment by banks or trust companies.

94. Earnings of municipal corporations from certain

municipally operated public utility services.

94-a. Tax equivalent payments of the city of Jamestown board

of public utilities.

95. Youth agencies and assistance.

95-a. Programs for the aging.

96. Municipal community garden activities.

96-a. Use of certain lands for the construction and operation

of neighborhood youth centers.

96-a*2. Protection of historical places, buildings and works of


96-b. Tree conservation.

97. Power of municipalities to furnish and contract for fire

and police communication system.

98. Operation and maintenance of railroad passenger stations

in certain municipalities.

98-a. Acquisition and lease of railroad facilities.

98-b. Municipal assistance to public authorities furnishing

transportation services.

99. Regulation of open wells, cesspools, basins or sumps.

99-a. Use of municipally operated dumping ground by another


99-b. Receipts for money received; records of money disbursed

by check.

99-c. Agreements for joint building inspectors by municipal


99-d. Planning for future capital improvements.

99-e. Operation, improvement and maintenance of parks.

99-f. Comprehensive sewer and water studies.

99-g. Capital program.

99-h. Participation in federal programs.

99-i. Participation in programs to promote progress and

scholarship in the humanities and the arts.

99-j. Control of aquatic plant growth.

99-k. Fees to jurors or witnesses.

99-l. Fees in criminal actions and other proceedings.

99-m. Cash bail and partially secured bail bond; fee for

deposit of money.

99-n. Transfer and lease of ferry boats and buses.

99-o. Transfer and lease of mass commuting vehicles by the

county of Suffolk.

99-p. Municipality, district corporation or school district as

reciprocal insurer.

99-q. Facilities for the unified court system.

99-r. Contracts for services.

99-s. Transfer and sale of delinquent real estate tax


99-t. Contracts with banks or trust companies for the

collection of water or sewer user fees, charges, rates

or rentals, or certain special assessments.

99-u. Municipal cooperation agreements for counties.

99-v. Veterans services; display of events.

99-w. Land for monument erection.

99-x. Prohibit symbols of hate.

99-y. Internet access and communications.

99-z. Municipal officers or employees prohibited from

displaying political advertisements on public