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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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The Militia of the State
Military (MIL) CHAPTER 36

Section 1. Definitions.

2. Militia of the state; division and composition.

3. Commander-in-chief; regulations; registration.

4. Equality of treatment and opportunity.

5. Militia call by the United States.

6. Ordering organized militia into active state service.

6-a. Organizations and volunteers from the unorganized militia.

7. Draft of unorganized militia.

8. Punishment for failure to appear.

9. Power of governor to declare martial rule.

10. Military staff of the governor.

11. Adjutant general.

12. Deputy adjutant general.

13. The chief of staff of the state.

13-a. Assistant adjutant general for air.

13-b. Deputy commander of the New York army national guard.

13-c. Assistant adjutant general for army.

14. Staff of the adjutant general.

15. The attorney general.

16. Audit of military accounts.

17. Purchase of military property.

18. Issue of military property.

19. Employees of the division of military and naval affairs.

19-a. Family liaison officer.

20. State reserve list.

21. State retired list.

22. Service without the state.

22-a. Compacts for military aid.

23. Application of this chapter to service without the state.

24. Bureau of war records; completion and preservation of the

records and relics; free inspection of the same and

quarters in the capitol.