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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Public Authorities (PBA) CHAPTER 43-A, ARTICLE 5, TITLE 7
§ 1151. Definitions. As used or referred to in this title, unless a
different meaning clearly appears from the context.

1. The term "authority" shall mean the corporation created by section
eleven hundred twenty-eight of this title;

2. The term "county" shall mean the county of Onondaga;

3. The term "treasurer" shall mean the treasurer of the authority;

4. The term "comptroller" shall mean the comptroller of the state of
New York;

5. The term "civil service commission" shall mean the civil service
commission of the county of Onondaga;

6. The term "properties" shall mean the water supply and distribution
system or systems of the authority, whether situated within or without
the territorial limits of the district, including the plants, works,
instrumentalities or part thereof and appurtenances thereto, lands,
easements, rights in land and water rights, rights-of-way, contract
rights, franchises, approaches, connections, dams, reservoirs, water
mains and pipe lines, pumping stations and equipment, or any other
property incidental to and included in such system or part thereof, and
any improvements, extensions and betterments;

7. The term "bonds" shall mean the bonds, notes and obligations,
issued by the authority, pursuant to this act;

8. The term "revenues" shall mean all rents, charges and other income
derived from the operation of the properties of the authority;

9. The term "municipality" shall mean any county, city, town, village,
town water district, fire district, fire protection district, fire alarm
district, school district, and any other political subdivision of the

10. The term "district" shall mean the Onondaga county water authority
district created by section eleven hundred twenty-seven of this title.