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Council on human blood and transfusion services
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 31, TITLE 2
§ 3121. Council on human blood and transfusion services. 1. There is
hereby created in the department a council on human blood and
transfusion services, hereinafter known as the "council," to consist of
the commissioner and eight other members appointed by the governor, with
the advice and consent of the senate, one of whom shall be a
representative of the public. The remaining appointive members shall
have had experience or training having rendered them knowledgeable in
the various aspects of blood banking services, and may include but shall
not be limited to, representatives of voluntary and commercial blood
banks, representatives of hospitals, and physicians. The governor shall
designate one member to serve as chairman.

2. The term of office of each appointive member of the council shall
be for three years, provided, however, that of the members first
appointed, three shall be appointed for terms which shall expire on
December thirty-first, nineteen hundred seventy-four, three for terms
which shall expire on December thirty-first, nineteen hundred
seventy-five and two shall be appointed for terms which shall expire on
December thirty-first, nineteen hundred seventy-six. Vacancies shall be
filled by appointment for the unexpired term. The appointive members
shall continue in office until the expiration of their terms and until
their successors are appointed and have qualified.

3. The council shall meet as frequently as its business may require.
The members of the council shall receive no compensation for their
services as members of the council, but each of them shall be allowed
the necessary and actual expenses which he shall incur in the
performance of his duties under this section.

4. The commissioner, upon request of the council, shall designate an
officer or employee of the department to act as secretary of the
council, and shall assign from time to time such other employees as the
council may require.

5. The council shall have power by the affirmative vote of a majority
of its members to enact, and from time to time, amend and repeal, rules
and regulations establishing minimum standards for the proper
collection, processing, fractionation, storage, distribution, and supply
of human blood or blood derivatives, for the purpose of transfusions,
subject to approval by the commissioner.