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General Provisions
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 1

Section 10. Legal presumptions; evidence.

11. Rules and regulations of the department; evidence.

12. Violations of health laws or regulations; penalties and


12-a. Formal hearings; notice and procedure.

12-b. Wilful violation of health laws.

12-c. Obstructing health officer in performance of his duty.

12-d. Filing of certain information by medical facilities.

13. Enforcement: against officers.

14. Actions against persons rendering professional services at

the request of the department; defense and


15. Examination and inspection of public works.

16. Summary action.

17. Release of medical records.

18. Access to patient information.

18*2. Registration and notification of boards of directors or

trustees of certain voluntary, not-for-profit facilities

or corporations.

18-a. Disclosure of information.

18-b. Procedures in the course of education or training;


18-c. Separate patient consent for treatment and payment for

health care services.

19. Reasonable charges for medicare beneficiaries.

20. Accelerated death benefits.

22. Health-related legal services program.

23. Claim forms.

24. Disclosure.