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General Provisions
Public Health (PBH) CHAPTER 45, ARTICLE 25

Section 2500. Maternal and child health; duties of commissioner.

2500-a. Test for phenylketonuria and other diseases and


2500-b. Sudden infant death syndrome.

2500-c. Special programs with respect to diethylstilbestrol.

2500-d. New York state poison control network.

2500-e. Pregnant women, blood test for hepatitis B; follow-up


2500-f. Human immunodeficiency virus; testing of newborns.

2500-f-1. Special program for HIV services for women and

children, including adolescents.

2500-g. Newborn infant hearing screening.

2500-h. Statewide perinatal data system.

2500-h*2. Anaphylactic policy for school districts and child

care providers.

2500-i. Child food choking prevention.

2500-j. Autism spectrum disorders; screening of children.

2500-k. Maternal depression.

2500-l. Pregnant people, blood test for hepatitis C virus

(HCV); follow-up care.

2501. Health and welfare services to all children; duty of

local boards.

2502. Report of certain conditions.

2503. Drug information to be furnished expectant mothers.

2504. Enabling certain persons to consent for certain

medical, dental, health and hospital services.

2504-a. Hepatitis B immunization of a minor.

2504-b. Information concerning pelvic exams.

2505. Human breast milk; collection, storage and

distribution; general powers of the commissioner.

2505-a. Rights of breastfeeding mothers.

2505-b. Lactation accommodations in airports.

2506. Obstetric and pediatric practitioner incentive

demonstration program.

2507. Special supplemental nutrition program for women,

infants and children; specialty formula.

2508. Newborn health and safe sleep study.

2509. Maternal mortality review board.

2509-a. Corded window blind leaflet.

2509-c. Availability of adverse childhood experiences