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This entry was published on 2021-11-05
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Utility services; domestic violence victims
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 2
§ 48-a. Utility services; domestic violence victims. Every utility
corporation shall allow a person who is under a shared contract with
such utility corporation and who is a victim of domestic violence, to
opt-out of such contract without charge when such person requests to
opt-out in writing and provides to such utility corporation any of the
following documents, which shall relate to such domestic violence,
within six months of the document's issuance: (a) a valid domestic
violence incident report form, as such term is defined in subdivision
fifteen of section eight hundred thirty-seven of the executive law; (b)
a valid police report; (c) a valid order of protection; (d) a signed
affidavit from a licensed medical or mental health care provider,
employee of a court acting within the scope of his or her employment,
social worker, a rape crisis counselor, as defined in section forty-five
hundred ten of the civil practice law and rules, or advocate acting on
behalf of an agency that assists domestic violence victims. A claim for
opting-out of such contract without charge shall be made in good faith.
Such utility corporation shall waive the otherwise applicable charges
for such person requesting to opt-out of such contract.