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This entry was published on 2023-07-07
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Utility services; domestic violence victims
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 2
§ 48-a. Utility services; domestic violence victims. 1. Every utility
corporation shall allow a person who is under a shared contract with
such utility corporation to opt-out of such contract without fee,
penalty or charge when such person is a victim of domestic violence and
provides an attestation in writing that they no longer wish to be a
party to such contract due to their status as a victim of domestic
violence. Such utility corporation may not require such person to
disclose confidential information or details relating to such person's
status as a victim of domestic violence, as a condition of permitting
such person to opt-out of such contract. Further, such utility
corporation may not make release from such contract contingent on: (a)
maintaining contractual or billing responsibility of a separated account
with the provider; (b) approval of separation by the primary account
holder, if the primary account holder is not the person making such
request; or (c) a prohibition or limitation on the separation as a
result of arrears accrued by the account. Such utility corporation shall
release such person from such contract no later than seven days after
receiving such opt-out request. Such utility corporation shall dispose
of information submitted by such person no later than thirty days after
receiving such information in a manner as to maintain confidentiality of
such information.

2. Every utility corporation shall make information about the options
and process described in subdivision one of this section readily
available to customers on the website and any mobile application of such
utility corporation, and in other forms of public-facing customer

3. A covered provider and any officer, director, employee, vendor or
agent thereof shall not be subject to liability for any claims arising
from an action taken or omission made with respect to compliance with
this section.